Songbird Migration Workshop
Galveston Island, Texas
Instructors: Alan Murphy & Brian E. Small

Join us for 4 days of photographing a wide variety of songbirds as they arrive on the Upper Texas Coast after their long journey across the Gulf of Mexico.

Brian E. Small and Alan Murphy have been photographing at this migratory trap in the Stevenson Woods, owned by GOS director Jim Stevenson for the past 20 years. They have developed the property over the years to produce the best possible images with beautiful clean backgrounds and unobstructed light. They have planted trees and low shrubs to create corridors that help to funnel birds down to their water drip. The property where the workshops are held has the single biggest yard list in North America with over 310 species. These workshops are scheduled during the peak of migration when the greatest diversity of species are expected. We will be working from a comfortable blind in front of a water drip. Incredible photo opportunities are possible as the birds make their way down set-up perches to get to the water. Furthermore, this is probably the best place in North America to photograph the "hard-to-get" females that can be difficult to get on other songbird photo workshops.

These special workshops are limited to just 5 participants.

The location is on the West end of Galveston Island, about an hour and a half from Houston.

Recommended hotel: TownePlace Suites Galveston Island.

Workshop Dates:

April: 16-19, 2022 OPENINGS

April: 21-24, 2022 OPENINGS

April: 26-29, 2022 OPENINGS

May 1-4, 2022 OPENINGS

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Cost: $5500.00

This includes property access fees, lunches, all in-the-field and any possible classroom instruction and only 5 participants per workshop.

It does not include transportation, lodging or evening meals.

Repeat customers inquire about discount.

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We will meet at the TownePlace Suites Galveston Island the evening before your workshop for a pre-workshop get together. This will be followed by 4 days of intense photography and instruction. Each morning we make a 15 minute drive to the workshop location and then walk about 40 yards from our cars to the blind, where we will spend the mornings photographing migrants.

We will take midday breaks to have lunch, download and edit images, work on processing or take a nap.

In the afternoons we will return to the workshop property to photograph the arrival of new birds that have just crossed the Gulf and are ready to bathe and drink.

Disclaimer: Bird migration is very dependent upon changing weather patterns. It is possible that there will be days with strong south winds that do not produce many migrants at the workshop property. However, over the years and during the peak of migration when our workshops are scheduled, we have found that there are always some birds arriving even if the weather is not conducive for bringing lots of migrants. In case of slow sessions, we will have many other photo opportunities possible as a back up. We know many places nearby to photograph shorebirds, a variety of breeding plumage gulls and terns, songbirds on territory as well as a rookery of nesting wading birds. In the event of rain (great for putting the birds down) we will do photo presentations, and/or Photoshop processing and editing sessions.




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