A Bird Photography Workshop focusing on Swallow-tailed Kites
Central Florida

Instructors: Alan Murphy & Ron Bielefeld


July 22-24, 2016. SOLD OUT

July 26-28, 2016. 1 OPENING

July 30 - Aug 1, 2016 1 OPENING

Cost: $2500.00
Repeat customers inquire about discount

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Learn how to get stunning images of one of North America's most elusive raptors at a very secluded roosting site in central Florida.  This workshop is limited to just four photographers with two instructors, so each participant will receive personalized and focused attention.

This workshop will focus on the following

Images of groups with hundreds of perched Kites

Images of Individuals perched in stunning habitat

Images of large kettles as the kites fly in the thermals

Images of Individual Kites in flight

Images of Kites landing and taking off

Images of Kites preening and wing stretching

Images of Kites skimming on the water


Witness and photograph this amazing spectacle where over a thousand Swallow-tailed Kites roost in a 200 yard square area. The area is on one of Florida's most pristine and untouched lakes. The Kites have been using this roosting site for dozens of years and we will be photographing them in the morning as they take off for the day and again when they return in the evening. This is the best opportunity to get images of the birds skimming as they drink and bathe on the wing.

I will be leading this workshop with boat captain Ron Bielefeld, who has been photographing these Kites for many years. Ron is not only a great naturalist and birder, but a fantastic photographer. No one knows these kites better than him. Please check out his wonderful web site here.

We will be teaching you the best techniques to capture these amazing birds, both in flight and perched.


We will meet at the hotel/motel the evening before the workshop for a pre-workshop get-together. This will be followed by 3 days of intense photography and instruction. We will be photographing the Kites from a pontoon boat located 10 min's from the hotel.

Workshop fees include personalized instruction, all boat & captain fees, lunches, and unlimited drinking water

This is a one bird species workshop. Chances for other species are possible but not guaranteed. Afternoon sessions are dependant on weather. If there are storms close to the roosting site we will not be going on the water. If we get rained out we will be doing slide presentations, work-flow processing, or image reviews depending on individual needs.

Best photos are obtained hand holding 400MM or more. We will have customized camera supports on the boat if you can't handhold a long lens and want to use a gimbal head.

Wide angle scenic shots are available of the beautiful waterways, lake and habitat. Even the old weathered marina where we put the boat in has a lot of charm and character and makes for some great imagery.


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