Alan Murphy has been a friend for years and is a photographer I truly admire. He combines decades of knowledge from birding and photography with creative vision to capture photos of birds on artful perches with gorgeous backgrounds. Having photographed with him numerous times, he makes the process seem easy; from scouting the bird and the right perch to understanding where and how to set up for it and what might attract the bird to the perch at its most photogenic spot. In addition to learning how to improve my photos, I also was able to understand birds and their behavior better.
--Heather Forcier

I sought out Alan after noticing on the internet that his photography, his art, was far above and beyond what anyone else was doing in the world of bird photography. He was single-handedly raising the bar. I've always believed that the best way to improve at anything is to seek out and learn from the best, so I set up a workshop with Alan and was rewarded with a learning experience well exceeding my expectations. Not only does Alan have a complete understanding of the equipment and of digital photography from composition through to the digital darkroom, he knows and understands birds. He is an expert at field identification and bird behavior-- necessary assets for accomplishing his level of art. And then, as for any great teacher, he has the gifts of communication and most importantly, patience. Alan openly shares his tricks of the trade that he has honed through years of experience in the field. You owe it to yourself to try a workshop with Alan. I've done three thus far and I have gained a real appreciation for how much I don't know. So, I'll be back!

--Paul W. Bozzo

I chose to do a workshop with Alan Murphy based on viewing his bird images and realizing that there was something really special about them. I can say with complete honesty that the workshop was better than I could have ever imagined.

Alan is a brilliant photographer who has encyclopedic knowledge of his subjects and their behavior. He worked tirelessly during the four days of our workshop and was the consummate professional whose primary concern was that we maximized our learning opportunities and got great bird images. Every setup he did worked as he envisioned. He was a clear effective teacher who was patient and explained something as many times as necessary. He had an infectious enthusiasm for his work and the attention to detail necessary to create world-class images, as well as a sense of humor that made the whole experience super fun. I definitely plan to do another Alan Murphy Workshop in the future.

--Phil Seu, California

If you have the opportunity to take an Alan Murphy seminar, DO IT !!

The hours in the field with Alan were some of the most educational and fun filled times I have ever spent. Alan openly shared his knowledge, hints and tricks for award winning bird photography. Time spent with him has made me a better birder and photographer.

The images taken at the seminar have already won me some awards and will be featured in an upcoming gallery show.

Alan, it was an honor and a privilege to spend some blind time with you. I can consider you a teacher and more importantly, a friend.

--Lou Buonomo
Nature Photographer and President of Nature and Wildlife Photographers of LI, 2008

I just finished my second Alan Murphy “Secrets sharing” workshop this year. Alan’s birding knowledge coupled with his photography expertise has been invaluable to me. My imagery which I thought was pretty good prior to attending these workshops has rocketed to the next level.  It’s now just a matter of finding the birds I want and knowing what to do to maximize the photographic opportunities. Alan has shared in detail how to scout the birds and what to do once you find them so that you can create beautiful artful pictures…images you would be proud to hang on your wall. Thanks again Alan, your generosity to share your years of experience is most appreciated and well worth the price of admission. I can’t wait to go on another workshop with you.

--Christian Moynihan
Saratoga Springs, New York

For years I have admired your images and was privileged last year to hear you lecture in St Augustine on how you do your setups. However finally going to your workshop in Arizona was the icing on the cake. To see first hand how you actually go through each set up, sculpturing of individual perches and the placement of enticement devices was most helpful. I also got to appreciate all the planning and effort you do before hand to get the best possible images. It's easy to see why you are so successful in achieving artistic images.

--Jim Urbach

Alan Murphy’s workshop has greatly enhanced my ability to create artfully pleasing avian photographs. He imparted the essence of creating great pictures through the effective use of the elements of nature. I learned to make small adjustments in shooting and to the existing natural environment so that the end result is an eye catching pose set in an attractive natural setting.

--Bill Duke


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