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Salvaging a Barred Owl

D3, 400, ISO 640, f4, 1/250 -1.0 EV

I wanted to share this image that I processed 95% in ACR (Adobe Camera Raw CS5).
The image is full frame and was shot in very harsh light. The image on the left is converted from Raw with no adjustments.

I used the adjustment brush to tone down the over-exposed right side of the Owl and also to bring out more detail in the shadow side of the Owl, and the dark background.
Since the birds right eye was in shadow, and his right eye was in full sun, you can see the different size of the eyes. After balancing the light with processing, I felt both eyes should be the same. I used a samll brush in “liquidfy” (under “filters”) to resize the eyes. Credit to Mike Gray for showing me the “adjustment” tool.

I love that each new version of Photoshop is saving more and more images that I used to throw away :-)

5 Responses to “Salvaging a Barred Owl”

  1. Jim Enterkin Says:

    Good job. It really made a great picture out of a snap shot.

  2. Carolyn Ohl-Johnson Says:

    Totally incredible!

  3. Alan Lenk Says:


    Impressive adjustments to salvage a ‘throw away’ image. Do you consider using ACR CS5 a must for serious bird photographers? I am considering buying it, but wonder if I could ever learn all the features. Don’t laugh but I presently use Photoshop Elements. I purchased your CD book on sets ups a while ago and have found it very helpful? Thanks, Alan

  4. Alan Says:

    Hey Alan,

    At some point you may outgrow Elements and I would go to CS5. Lightroom is another option that a lot of people use. I probably only use 5% of photoshop anyway, so don’t be intimidated by the program.

  5. Gilbert Says:

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