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St. Paul Island Workshop Report.

Hey Everyone,

I’m just back from St. Paul Island, AK in the middle of the Bering sea.
I co-led a workshop with Greg Downing and had 10 participants.
We managed to photograph all of the breeding species of birds for the Island, including the four species of Songbirds that make the Island their home.
Below is an image of a few of the participants that are set up on a large piece of drift wood. The driftwood had some wonderful lichens grownig on it and it made a beautiful perch.

Below is a couple of images of the birds on the drift wood.

Gray-crowned Rosy Finch

Lapland Longspur

4 Responses to “St. Paul Island Workshop Report.”

  1. Kelly Colgan Azar Says:

    I recently stumbled upon Dr. James Ownby’s avian photographs and website. I was struck by how lovely his shots were, how lacking in the natural bric a brac that makes my bird photos look less than wonderful. I emailed Dr. Ownsby to say so and he mentioned you. I Googled your name and found your blog with suggestions how to rig a preferred perch. Glory Be! I don’t know how well I’ll manage, but I will be considering my options vis a vis your comments next time I’m out there with my camera trying to shoot that hummer. I’m thrilled at having found your site. I’m going back to read more!

  2. Alan Says:

    Hey Kelly, thanks for those kind word. For your information, I have an eBook that goes over many set up techniques. It might be helpful to you.


  3. Dan Bailey Says:

    Is that a feeder cup attached to the driftwood? Directly under the front leg of the unmanned tripod. Thanks!

  4. Alan Says:

    Hey Dan, good eyes. That is a speaker I used to call the birds in.

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