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2011 Workshop Dates

I now have my 2011 workshops dates available.
I will be doing them at the Casa Santa Ana in South Texas. This is a beautiful B & B with grounds that back up to the Santa Ana National Wildlife refuge. It is about 20 mins from McAllen.
We will be spending 3 mornings at the feeder setups, and the evenings at the local refuges and State Parks. One evening we will be doing some mulit-flash Buff-bellied Hummingbird photography.
3 days, 4 people.

For more details click here:

To see what you will be facing each morning, check out this footage that I shot there this past Feb.

I am also doing two workshops in Roma, TX where I have been doing them for the past few years.

For details, click here:

Contact me with any questions,


9 Responses to “2011 Workshop Dates”

  1. Scott Linstead Says:

    Hey Alan,

    Very cool video! A simple concept that is very powerful… A clear illustration of what goes down at your workshops.

  2. José-Elías Rodríguez Says:

    Thanks very much for your video and your explanations about how to take that beautifull photos. Maybe you are the best bird photographer.

  3. John Blumenkap Says:

    Hi Alan,

    Thanks for sharing this video… it by itself was a visual education on how your setups provides great opportunities to capture some of your amazing images. I hope to participate in one of your workshops in the future, and continue to enjoy viewing your work.

    All the best,

  4. Mike Says:

    Great video, wish you had some workshops closer to DC.
    Where do you get the portable stands for the feeders?


  5. Alan Says:

    Hey Mike, I get the stands from “Wildbirds Unlimited” store.

  6. Carl Sexsmith Says:

    I have just finished viewing the video showing the set up and photos and am curious as to whether these are taken using flash or is there enough light to capture the images with the wings stopped without flash. What settings are required to do so if that is the case? These images are marvelous. hcarl

  7. Deborah Flowers Says:

    Alan… I am so intrigued by your techniques.
    I’m an amature bird photographer… I only have a 300mm so my scope is definitely limited.
    I’ve done a couple of natural type set ups using old branches and limbs to get pictures from my deck… that don’t look like they’re at the feeders, but I’m truly amazed by your techniques.
    I can only hope to attend one of our workshops in the futue.
    Thanks so much for sharing.

  8. Nate Says:

    Wow. Just Wow.

    Was just wondering how long it took to attract these birds to your setup? Did you have to wait a few days or was this an area where birds were used to getting fed?

  9. Alan Says:

    Th9is is in an area that the birds have been fed for some time. Thanks.

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